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Hi there. I make things.

My name is Matt & I am a graduate game developer. I have an enduring passion for crafting engaging and imaginative experiences both short and long. Games of all kinds are something special to me; I have been playing them for as long as I've been able to comprehend them, and now I make them as well.

Programming and design are my primary specialties, but I am also an artist at heart—much of what I do is in service of a creative vision, be it my own or someone else's. Photography, Music, and 3D Modeling are hobbies of mine. Below you can find a few highlights out of the things I've worked on as a student.

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Novakid Quest Mod

The Novakid Quest Mod is a mod for the 2016 game Starbound that I worked with a team of five. The mod adds a new mission to the game, complete with a new weapon and special boss fight! I worked on programming, art, and writing for the boss, as well as helping with quest programming.

Click the image to see the Steam Workshop page.

Dustbox is a bite-sized falling-sand game that I made from scratch in JavaScript. You can mix a variety of substances that interact with each other in flashy and sometimes unexpected ways.

Click the image to play it for yourself.





While taking a course on interactive media development, I remade the classic arcade game Asteroids in Unity. The scripting was done in C# and the visuals in Adobe Illustrator.

The Astronomy Sonifier is a rudimentary web application I made inspired by some of NASA's social media posts. It takes images of space (provided courtesy of NASA's APOD API) and produces ominous noises based on the average brightness and color of the image's different regions.

Click the image to try it out.


Astronomy Sonifier


The background!

Yes, seriously, the background! The shapes and colors you see dancing in the background of this website like a lava lamp was part of a pet project using shaders & GLSL.

The background is a distortion pattern made from the image on the left, and was inspired by the wacky battle backgrounds of Shigesato Itoi's EarthBound for the SNES.

level design


BattleBlock Theater

Portal 2

P03a Sketch.png

DOOM (2016)


interested in my work?

you can reach me at:
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